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3                                GANDHI-JINNAH TALKS
The answer to the fourth point does not carry any clear idea when
you say " all parties " means " parties interested."
You say "' mutual agreement' means ' agreement between contract-
ing parties/" Who are the contracting parties once a provisional
interim government is established of your conception? Who will appoint
the Central or joint board of control, which will safeguard defence,
etc,, and on what principle, through what machinery and agency, and
subject to whose control and orders will such a Central or joint board
You say " The power is to be transferred to the nation, that is, to
the provisional government." That is all the greater reason why I
would like to know full details of the provisional government as con-
templated by you and of your conception.
Yours sincerely,
,                                                                               M. A. JINN AH.
September 13, 1944.
When you arrived here on the morning of September 12 to resume^
our talks, you were good enough to inform me that you had not had
time to attend to my letter of September   11, which reached you the
same day at 10-30 p.m.   We met again today without having received
your reply, and I am still waiting for it.   Please, therefore let me fTa'vTT
your reply as soon as possible with regard to the various points,men-
tioned in my letter to you of September 11.
Yours sincerely,
September 14, 1944.
I have your letter of the 13th instant. I understood from our talks
that you were in no hurry for my answer. I was therefore taking the
matter in a leisurely fashion, even hoping that as our talks proceeded
and as cordiality increased mutual clarification would come of itself
and that we would only have to record our final agreement. But I under-
stand and appreciate the other viewpoint. We should take nothing lor
granted. I should clarify your difficulties in understanding the Rajaji
formula and you should do likewise regarding yours, i.e., the Muslim
League Lahore resolution of 1940.
With reference to the Lahore resolution, as agreed between us **
shall deal with it in a separate letter.
Perhaps at the end of our discussion, we shall discover that Rajaji*